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2021.10.13 motor

Motor Types and Categories

Overview of Motors and Motor Driving

In this “Overview of Motors and Motor Driving”, we begin by reviewing the types and categories of motors, and then describe the motors that will mainly be considered in this segment.

Motor Types and Categories

There are various approaches when considering motor types and categories, and it may be that there is no completely objective method of categorization. However, it is possible to classify motors according to the purpose of use, and, from the standpoint of the user, according to the energy conversion medium, power supply, construction, characteristics, and so on. Taking all these factors into account, we think the following categorization is reasonable.

In the “Basics” of Tech Web Motor’s “Basic Knowledge”, as an introduction to “Motor Driving”, we will explain the construction, operation, principles, driving methods, and other details of “brushed DC motors”, “brushless DC motors”, and “stepping motors”, enclosed in red rectangles in the diagram, which are generally regarded as compact motors.

Key Points:

・There are various approaches to motor types and categories.

・From the standpoint of the users of motors, we have presented classification examples which consider the energy conversion medium, power supply, construction, characteristics, and the like.

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