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2021.11.24 motor

Summary of Motor Driving Systems in Various Fields

Overview of Motors and Motor Driving

In this article, we summarize the kinds of motor driving systems that are used in different fields.

Summary of Motor Driving Systems in Various Fields

Different motor driving systems are used depending on the field and the application. The following tables provide examples together with trends in consumer product fields and in industrial/automotive fields, to give an idea of the kinds of motors and driving methods actually in use.

The following table compares the performance and driving control features of the different motor types. Here a "◎" symbol indicates that the motor type is regarded as superior in the relevant respect, and a "×" symbol indicates an inferior evaluation. These are representative examples; the number of driving elements and other parameters differ with the motor, and there are various methods for driving and controlling motors. These comparisons can be used as reference material for gaining a broad understanding of motors and motor driving.

Key Points:

・Motor driver systems differ depending on the field and the application.

・There are numerous appropriate motors, and driving and control methods, depending on the application and requirements.

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