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2018.12.06 SiC Power Device

Support Tools: Full SiC Module Loss Simulator

Full-SiC Power Modules

In this article, we introduce support tools for design and evaluation using full-SiC modules.

Full-SiC Module Loss Simulator

A Loss simulator that can be used in the study and evaluation of full-SiC modules is offered at no cost. Simply by selecting a full-SiC module and setting the input conditions, the losses and temperatures of the transistors and diodes within the module can be simulated.

This is an example of an input screen.

G is the power factor, H is the modulation ratio, K is the heat sink temperature, and other quantities are as indicated. Next we show an output screen.

In A, the loss for each transistor in the module, P-Tr, the SW loss and DC loss making up each P-Tr loss, and the SW(on) and SW(off) losses that make up each SW loss are shown. At the same time, the difference between the junction temperature and the case temperature, ΔTj-c(Ave), and the junction temperature Tj(Ave) are also calculated. B similarly presents simulation results for diodes. C indicates the overall loss for the module. These results can be stored in CSV format.

The full-SiC module loss simulator can be downloaded here.

Other Support Tools

Other related support tools are available as well. For details, please follow these links.

Key Points:

・A full-SiC module loss simulator and other support tools are available.

・The support tools are useful for selection and initial studies of full-SiC modules.

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