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2021.11.10 Simulation

About the ROHM Solution Simulator

About the ROHM Solution Simulator

The "ROHM Solution Simulator", an electronic circuit simulation tool, is here summarized, and usage is explained. Should there be a need to quickly learn the method of use and the like, the "Hands-On User’s Manual(PDF)" should be utilized.

About the ROHM Solution Simulator

The ROHM Solution Simulator is an electronic circuit simulation tool that runs on ROHM's public website, and is one among many various support tools provided by ROHM, which include SPICE models and thermal models as well as various application notes and other documents (see the links at the end). The ROHM Solution Simulator can be used free of charge upon user registration with MyROHM on the ROHM website.

A wide range of simulations can be performed on the web, from the initial stages of development such as component selection and individual device verification through to the system-level verification stage. ROHM power devices such as SiC MOSFETs and their driving ICs, as well as power supply ICs and other devices can be tested easily in solution circuits that approximate actual environments.

The ROHM Solution Simulator is provided in advance with a library of numerous "Solution Circuits", mainly circuits that are widely used. At present there are two categories, "Power Device Solution Circuits" and "ICs Solution Circuits"; using Solution Circuits in these categories, verification and optimization of design circuit operation advance rapidly, and the man-hours required for application development can be reduced dramatically.

Moreover, the ROHM Solution Simulator runs on the "PartQuest™ Explore" simulation platform of Mentor Graphics Corp., a major company in the electronic design automation software industry with an extensive track record in the automotive industry. Hence a user with an PartQuest™ Explore account can embed simulation data executed in the ROHM Solution Simulator into his own PartQuest™ Explore environment (workspace), making possible flexible customization and circuit verification.

Key Points:

・The ROHM Solution Simulator is a web-based simulation tool that can be used simply by registering with MyROHM.

・The ROHM Solution Simulator is provided with a library containing numerous Solution Circuits, focusing on often-used circuits, and is highly useful for rapid application development.

・The ROHM Solution Simulator runs on Mentor Graphics' "PartQuest™ Explore" simulation platform, so that a user having an PartQuest™ Explore account can use simulation data in his own PartQuest™ Explore environment.

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