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2021.12.08 Simulation

ROHM Solution Simulator Toolbar Functions and Basic Operations

About the ROHM Solution Simulator

The user interface and circuit diagram toolbar icons of the ROHM Solution Simulator are in general use and often seen, and so their use should be intuitively obvious. For a quick introduction to methods of operation, please refer to the "Hands-On User’s Manual(PDF)".

Circuit Diagram Toolbar of the ROHM Solution Simulator

Fig. 1 shows the circuit diagram toolbar icons and functions. Icons in the blue rectangle will be described separately later. Upon hovering the cursor over an icon on the screen, a text bubble describing the function is displayed.

Fig.1. User interface and toolbar of the ROHM Solution Simulator

Below, the functions and methods of use of representative icons are explained.

Enlarge/Reduce Circuit Diagram Display

To enlarge or reduce the circuit diagram display, click on the Zoom In/Zoom Out icons on the toolbar. These operations can also be performed using a mouse wheel or two-finger swiping on a touchpad.

Fig.2. Enlarge/reduce circuit diagram display: Zoom In/Zoom Out icons

Display Entire Circuit Diagram

Upon clicking the Zoom to Fit icon, the circuit diagram, which may have been enlarged/reduced or moved (explained later), is automatically adjusted so as to be displayed in the entire circuit diagram display area, providing a view of the entire circuit diagram.

Fig. 3. Display entire circuit diagram: Zoom to Fit icon

Enter/Exit Fullscreen Mode

When using the entire screen for display, the Enter Fullscreen Mode icon is clicked. When in Fullscreen Mode, the Enter Fullscreen Mode icon changes to an Exit Fullscreen Mode icon. To end Fullscreen Mode, either click the Exit Fullscreen Mode icon, or move the cursor to the uppermost part of the screen, and click the ⊗ icon when it is displayed.

Fig. 4. Enter/Exit Fullscreen Mode: Enter Fullscreen Mode/ Exit Fullscreen Mode icons

Label Visibility Settings

Upon clicking the Design Settings icon, settings related to label visibility of components in the circuit diagram and the like can be made. There are three visibility settings.

 Show All Labels:All labels are visible
 Show Chosen Labels:Only the selected labels are visible
 Hide All Labels:No labels are visible

Labels are visible when the circuit diagram is displayed at a certain size or greater. If labels cannot be seen even when Show All Labels is selected, try Zooming In (enlarging) the circuit diagram.

Fig. 5. Label display settings: Design Settings icon

Move Circuit Diagram

Upon clicking on any arbitrary area of the circuit diagram, a drag-and-drop operation can be used to move the display position of the circuit diagram. This is similar to the drag-and-drop operations to move objects used in many programs.

Fig. 6. Move circuit diagram: Drag & Drop

Key Points:

・The user interface of the ROHM Solution Simulator employs icons that are widely known and familiar, and so can be used intuitively.

・The toolbar icons, such as for zooming in and out and for full-screen display, and other functions and methods of operation are widely familiar and easy to use.

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