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Part 10 Websites (1) The Latest Information, Introduction of Major Products, Product Specs

Websites Conceal Hidden Information

Hello! I'm Inagaki, at ROHM.

This Part 10 is our first column on websites. Here I would like to discuss the latest information, product introductions, and product specifications that can be obtained by accessing the internet websites of different companies.

Let's start off by accessing this company's website. The tabs and links on the web that can be accessed are essentially those shown below.

  • ・Company, Sustainability, R&D, Careers, Contact Us, MyROHM Login
  • ・Products, Technical Support, Applications, Sales, Buy or Sample
  • ・Header: Power and Analog, Automotive Primary DC/DC Converters, Shaping the Future

As website information, the disseminator (this company) provides "new products with superior engineering, top-selling products, products to be sold, products with features superior to those of other companies, and products that can contribute to society (including SDGs)" and the like. On the other hand, the receivers of information (customers), upon acquiring this information, understand which companies are putting efforts into what product groups, in which engineering fields the companies' strengths lie, and so on. When we consider why companies post the information for particular products, we come to understand their true intentions. Conversely, in the case of a long-selling product that is quite old but continues to be sought by customers, companies will not give them much space on their websites. This is because such products are already well-established and can be expected to sell in a certain volume even without web page appeals to customers.

To return the discussion to the contents of ROHM's own website, the first thing to look at is the "header" part. This will be packed with the latest information. It is also frequently updated, and so I recommend that you check the header diligently.

Next is the link to "New Products & Technologies". Here refined searches can also be performed, so that you can quickly access the information you need, and can get up-to-the-minute information and introductions to major products.

As a different approach, to search on product groups that meet the specifications required by a customer, you can use the pulldown menus on the "Products" tab or the "Applications" tab; or, you can also search from the "Technical Support" tab. From these places as well, refined searches and selection from menus are possible, so that you can quickly zero in on the product spec or other development information you need.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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Power Supply Design Technical Materials Free Download

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