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Automotive general-purpose LDO regulator series offering a total of 43 models

In What Ways are ROHM’s “Automotive” Regulators Different?

BD4xxMx series/BDxxC0A series -Part 2-

  • AEC-Q100
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Integrated production system
  • Delivery time
  • Long-term stable supply
  • ISO/TS16949

– At the outset, you stated that ROHM has developed this LDO series intended for automotive equipment that fills the latest needs. In what ways does the LDO series for automotive applications differ from general products?

From the very beginning of the developmental stage, the LDO series was designed specifically for automotive applications, which are subject to extremely harsh operating conditions. While there are several approaches to making a product for automotive use, this series has been developed with design methods and rules specific to automotive applications.

– I suspect that there are manufacturers that select automotive products by screening the general products.

That would be one of the available approaches. At ROHM, however, we employ dedicated design.

Specifically, in what ways do these approaches differ?

Details are disclosed after a specific adoption review. For the purpose of offering high quality while ensuring adequate reliability under harsh operating environmental conditions, we perform design in a manner that provides appropriate margin of safety and redundancy.

– Do they differ in production and quality control as well?

In terms of production, the products are made in-house, under an integrated system of operations. For production process and quality control, we use a flow of events tailored to automotive ICs, in a system that ensures both high quality and high reliability designed to meet the demands of automotive applications.

– Does that mean that the design is specific to automotive applications, and the production processes, encompassing wafer fabrication, assembly, inspection, and shipping, are integrated operations conducted at an in-house factory?

Yes, indeed. For automotive applications, high quality and high reliability are obvious requirements. In addition, we believe that it is important to have a system in place in which everything is readily accessible for us to see and touch.

– In what ways is ROHM complying with quality systems, such as ISO?

ROHM has acquired ISO/TS16949 certification, which is a quality system for automotive applications. In addition, the LDO series is in compliance with AEC-Q100, which is substantially an industry standard for automotive ICs.

– Referring to automotive applications, I believe that they have stringent requirements in terms of delivery time and supply responsibility, in addition to quality and reliability.

ROHM’s definition of the term “for automotive” includes both strict adherence to delivery dates and stable supply availability. As long as our customer is engaged in mass production of a product in which our ICs are used, as a rule we do not discontinue the production of the ICs. For automotive devices, we are committed to sustaining long-term stable supply capability.

– There could be delays in delivery schedule due to changes in demand and supply balance resulting from natural disasters and business cycles. What methods do you have in place to guard against these possibilities?

In terms of delivery, the crucial point is in-house production. In the case of outsourcing, delivery schedules are at times subject to negotiations due to specific conditions that the supplier is faced with. Since in in-house production everything is under our own control, if unforeseen conditions arise, we should be able to cope with them. We have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place so that supply will not be disrupted due to natural disasters, backed up by a system that permits production on a redundant basis.

– You gave me an impression that you have a system based on sound concepts, difficult as it may in putting them in practice.

For the automotive industry, for over 10 years ROHM has been supplying a wide variety of ICs and discrete components. Over the course of that time span, we have met many challenges and acquired a great deal of expertise. An accumulation of these accomplishments underlies what we are as a company. Naturally we will continue to make improvements as we move forward.

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