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Automotive LDO regulator BD4xxMx series /BDxxC0A series

Why the LDO Series can be Specified as "Automotive"

  • AEC-Q100
  • ISO/TS 16949
  • In-house integrated manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Long-term stable supply

The BD4xxMx series and BDxxC0A series are newly developed LDO regulator series for automotive use. In addition to being highly versatile, a full lineup of 43 models provides a wide variety of output voltages, packages and other parameters, for adoption in diverse automotive applications. These device series conform to AEC-Q100, the de facto industry standard for automotive ICs.

Specially designed for automotive and in-house integrated manufacturing

The LDO series is specially designed for automotive applications from the development stage. In order to ensure high quality and reliability in harsh environments as an automotive product, the series are designed with safety margins and redundancy.

Based on our in-house manufacturing system, the production process and quality control use an automotive flow, and high quality and high reliability are built-in directly.

On-time delivery and long-term stable supply

Since these series are designed for automotive applications, accurate delivery and stable supply is of critical importance. At ROHM, in-house management of deadlines and long-term stable supply is possible due to our integrated manufacturing system. Our basic policy is that we do not discontinue our IC’s as long as our customers are in mass production.

ROHM has obtained the automotive industry quality management system ISO/TS 16949, and has created systems and support structures to handle automotive applications. In addition, ROHM has a proven track record, having supplied a wide variety of ICs and discrete components for the automotive industry for more than 10 years.

Automotive LDO regulator BD4xxMx series /BDxxC0A series

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Power Supply Design Technical Materials Free Download

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