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Product Key Points

Automotive LDO regulator BD4xxMx series /BDxxC0A series

Accomplishments in Power Saving and Miniaturization

  • Ceramic capacitors
  • No-load current consumption
  • Space saving
  • Power saving

The BD4xxMx series and BDxxC0A series are newly developed LDO regulators for use in vehicles. In addition to being highly versatile, a full lineup of 43 models provides a wide variety of output voltages, packages and other parameters, for adoption in diverse automotive applications. These device series conform to AEC-Q100, the de facto industry standard for automotive ICs.

For automotive equipment, power saving and miniaturization are important challenges. Important points for LDO regulators are how much self-current consumption can be reduced, and to what extent miniaturized external components can be used.

No-load current consumption half that of conventional products, current consumption when supplying a load current reduced to 1/30 or less

The BD4xxMx series has a no-load current consumption reduced to half or less that of conventional products. As a result, power consumption during standby is decreased, contributing to alleviate depletion of car batteries. And both series provide current consumption during load current supply that is 1/30 that of conventional items. As indicated by the graphs below, this means enormous improvement over the characteristics of conventional devices, for which current consumption increases in proportion to the load current.

The ability to use ceramic capacitors for output means space savings and longer lifetimes

The BDxxC0A series requires small capacitances of 1 to 10 μF to regulate output, and moreover ceramic capacitors can be used. In general, electrolytic capacitors with an appropriate ESR (equivalent series resistance) are necessary in order not to induce oscillation, and the form factor of such capacitors must be accommodated. The ability to use ceramic capacitors means broadened options for surface mounting for this level of small capacitances, and mounting area can be decreased. Moreover, ceramic capacitors have a longer lifetime than electrolytic capacitors.

Automotive LDO regulator BD4xxMx series /BDxxC0A series

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Power Supply Design Technical Materials Free Download

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