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Switching Regulator Controllers Compatible with FPGA Power Supply Requirements

Adopted into Xilinx 7 Series FPGA Power Supply Module

  • Xilinx 7 Series
  • Power supply module for FPGA evaluation kit
  • Avnet Mini-Module Plus

The BD95601MUV and BD95602MUV are switching regulator controller ICs designed to support the low-voltage, large-current requirements of the recent power supplies. In addition to high efficiency and numerous protection functions, these ICs exhibit optimal performance as power supplies for FPGAs and CPUs, which require high voltage accuracy and superior stability.


ROHM has jointly developed with Avnet a power supply module board for the Mini-Module Plus evaluation kit for Xilinx 7 Series FPGA and Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC. While Avnet has developed a number of Xilinx FPGA evaluation kits, the product made by ROHM is the first of power supply module offered by a Japanese manufacturer to be adopted. ROHM’s participation in the development effort provides an added benefit that the needs of the Japanese market are built into the products. The power supply module is sold by Avnet Internix as a power supply system for Avnet’s Mini-Module Plus development systems; it is sold and supported worldwide.

The power supply module is made up of six BD95601MUV units which are ROHM’s single-output switching regulator controller ICs and one dual-output BD95602MUV, for a total of seven units. The modules provide eight different output voltages that are required by the FPGA. The module can accommodate the power supply sequence which is executed when the FPGA starts up. The module achieves a maximum high efficiency of 95% during low-voltage, high-current output and is capable of maintaining high efficiency even during low-load operation. In addition, by virtue of a 1% output voltage accuracy and an extremely fast load transient response capability, the module delivers a high degree of stability.

The conventional wisdom in the development of systems using an FPGA calls for the use of an evaluation kit. In regard to power supplies, it is possible to design such a system based on a reference design provided by the FPGA manufacturer. By conducting evaluations through the use of such a power supply module and modifying it as appropriate, the designer can cut the amount of design load and reduce the time-to-market.

The BD95601MUV and the BD95602MUV are naturally packaged as reference design products, and they are sold by ROHM on a standalone basis. While offering high performance, these switching regulator controller ICs are well-suited for a wide range of applications, including FPGAs.


Switching Regulator Controllers Compatible with FPGA Power Supply Requirements

Power Supply Design Technical Materials Free Download

Power Supply Design Technical Materials Free Download

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