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Product Key Points

DC/DC converter family with an extensive lineup enhancing convenience

Answering the Latest Performance Requirements

  • Latest requirements
  • High speed transient response
  • Smaller size
  • Lower cost
  • Protective functions
  • Pin compatibility

With a view toward building a great family of DC/DC converters, ROHM is developing a wide variety of DC/DC converter ICs. The DC/DC converter comprises several types, including a synchronous rectifier type, and each type includes several control methods. ROHM’s DC/DC converter family is intended to provide “the best fit for each application”, offering a slew of advantages.

An extensive family lineup would be of little benefit unless the capabilities and the required functions as a power supply IC satisfied what is the latest in performance requirements.

As an example, the table below shows the features and specifications of the BD9C301FJ. The BD9C301FJ is a 3A, 1ch synchronous buck DC/DC converter, representing a series of products compatible with 12V-based input requirements. Embodying high speed transient response capabilities and compact-size, and low-cost implementation through high degrees of circuit integration, the product also offers the various required protective functions.

The figure below shows an example application circuit. While featuring simplicity of design with an extremely small number of components, the product delivers a maximum efficiency of 95%, the highest level among the products of its kind.

Furthermore, as a part of the extensive lineup which is a key point for the family, the BD9Cx series includes, in addition to the BD9C301FJ 3A, a BD9C401EFJ 4A, a BD9C501EFJ 5A, and a BD9C601EFJ 6A. Beginning with the BD9C401EFJ, members of the family will be of a pin-compatible HTSOP-J8 package.

DC/DC converter family with an extensive lineup enhancing convenience

Power Supply Design Technical Materials Free Download

Power Supply Design Technical Materials Free Download

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