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AC/DC Converter IC with Internal Power MOSFET

Clearing the New Energy Star v. 6.0 Standard

  • Energy Star 6.0
  • During light load
  • During standby
  • 25 W

ROHM is expanding its lineup of AC/DC converter ICs. A series of 24 models in all has been prepared, mainly for applications at 25 W or less, enabling simpler design than was possible using previous ICs for the same applications, and satisfying all the requirements demanded of modern AC/DC converters. The high-functionality BM2Pxxx series, with an internal power MOSFET, resolve the issues of AC/DC converter design.

By using the BM2Pxxx series, conformance to Energy Star, an international standard for energy efficiency, becomes easy. The BM2Pxxx series was designed for thoroughgoing reduction of power loss not only in the IC itself, but over the entire circuit, in order to boost efficiency not just in heavy loading, but during light load and standby as well.

The BM2Pxxx series meets the new Energy Star v. 6.0 standard, recently upgraded from v. 5.0. This upgrade includes stricter requirements for reducing power consumption during standby, as well as higher required efficiency values.

The following graph indicates differences in required efficiency for the previous Energy Star v. 5.0 and for the new v. 6.0. The blue line represents 5.0, and the red line is 6.0. The comparison clearly indicates that requirements are stricter at 25 W and lower in particular.

The graph on the lower left compares the efficiencies of 25 W wall adapters using the BM2Pxxx series product BM2P014 and an equivalent device. The Energy Star 6.0 standard requires an efficiency of 86.35% at 25 W; the BM2Pxxx series meets this requirement.

The graph on the upper right shows the Energy Star 6.0 and European Union requirements for power consumption during standby as well as the standby power of the BM2P014. Energy Star 6.0 requires that power consumption be not more than 100 mW for a 100 VAC input, and not more than 210 mW for a 230 VAC input. The BM2P014 achieves power levels of 20 mW or less at 100 VAC and 30 mW or less at 230 VAC, easily meeting these requirements. The European Union standard is a strict 50 mW or less for all inputs; this requirement is satisfied as well.

AC/DC Converter IC with Internal Power MOSFET

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Power Supply Design Technical Materials Free Download

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