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Product Key Points

CMOS LDO Regulator with World's Smallest Package for Automotive Use

55% Smaller Footprint, Yet Supports AEC-Q100

  • Demand for advanced safety system functionality
  • AEC-Q100
  • 1 mm square molded package
  • Footprint
  • Fixed output voltage version
  • SSOP5

The BUxxJA2MNVX-C series are LDO regulators that provide AEC-Q100 support in a 1-mm square molded package. These products reduce the footprint by 55% compared with the 1.5-mm square molded packages that had been regarded as the smallest possible automotive components. These world's-smallest* automotive LDO regulators were developed for use in automotive modules where reliability and miniaturization are sought, such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) sensors and cameras, radars, and the like. *ROHM survey, as of April 15, 2016

Automotive LDO in a 1-mm Square Package Reduces Footprint by 55%

With advances in accident prevention features and automated driving functions for automobiles, there is an increasing demand for a higher functionality of advanced safety systems. This has led to prominent increases in the number of components mounted in sensor and camera modules, but at the same time there are urgent demands for smaller module sizes in order to reduce the vehicle weight and enhance design.

However, where power supply ICs are concerned, given ever-smaller chips and packages as well as use in the harsh environments with respect to temperature and noise specific to automotive, molded packages 1.5 mm on a side had been regarded as the limit from the standpoint of reliability. In addressing this issue, ROHM made full use of its design and manufacturing technologies, cultivated over many years in an integrated production system, to develop LDO regulators in a 1-mm square molded package that support the automotive standard AEC-Q100.

The BUxxJA2MNVX-C series of CMOS LDO regulators have a 200 mA output. The leadless SSON004R1010 package measures just 1.0 mm x 1.0 mm x 0.6 mm. Equivalent competing products measure 1.5 mm on a side, so this represents a reduction in package footprint of 55%. Moreover, whereas in the past 1.0 μF input and output capacitors were necessary, devices with values as small as 0.22 μF suffice, and the smaller capacitor sizes also mean that the footprint for the circuit as a whole can be reduced.


Support for Diverse Applications from a Replete Lineup of Output Voltages

The BUxxJA2MNVX-C series includes a total of ten fixed output voltage versions, ranging from 1.0 V to 3.3 V, covering nearly all the power supply voltages of a wide variety of existing devices. Output voltages are as indicated in the table below, with the relevant numerals used as the "xx" in the model names (the 2.85 V model uses a numeral and a letter).

Voltage 1.0V 1.2V 1.25V 1.5V 1.8V 2.5V 2.8V 2.85V 3.0V 3.3V
Part # BU10 BU12 BU1C BU15 BU18 BU25 BU28 BU2J BU30 BU33

In addition to the SSON004R1010 packages which are 1 mm on a side, SSOP5 packages with leads are also available, for uses where leadless packages are not appropriate.

Power Supply Design Technical Materials Free Download

Power Supply Design Technical Materials Free Download

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