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Product Key Points

600 V Second-Generation Super-Junction MOSFET

KN Series:Faster Switching Enabled, While Maintaining Low Noise Performance

  • Super-junction MOSFET
  • Low noise
  • High-speed performance
  • Rg
  • Qgd
  • Switching loss

Super-junction MOSFETs are MOSFETs with dramatically lower ON-resistance and gate charge (Qg) compared with planar MOSFETs. ROHM's series of 600 V super-junction MOSFETs boast such characteristics as fast operation, low noise, and high efficiency, and are currently advancing toward a second generation.
They are contributing to improved efficiency in a variety of power conversion circuits, from power supplies to PFCs and the like.

Fast, Low-noise KN Series

The KN series maintains the low-noise performance of the EN series, while further improving high-speed performance. Of course, the ON-resistance remains low. To improve the switching speed, Rg and Qgd were reduced. Consequently switching losses were cut, and efficiency improved. In comparisons of inverter circuit applications,
switching losses were reduced by 40% over those of the EN series.

The product lineup of the KN series is shown below. As with the EN series, multiple packages are available for each model.

■60xxKNx Series: Low noise, high speed, low switching loss

Part No. BVDSS(V) ID (A) RDS(on) (Ω) Qg (nC) Package
☆ R6002KNx 600 1.7 2.8 4.5 TO252☆
R6004KNx 4 0.9 10 TO252☆/LPT/TO220FM
R6007KNx 7 0.57 14 TO252/LPT/TO220FM
R6009KNx 9 0.5 16 TO252☆/LPT/TO220FM
R6011KNx 11 0.34 22 TO252/LPT/TO220FM
R6015KNx 15 0.26 27 LPT/TO220FM/TO3PF
R6020KNx 20 0.17 39 LPT/TO220FM/TO3PF/TO247
R6024KNx 24 0.15 47 LPT/TO220FM/TO3PF/TO247
R6030KNx 30 0.115 57 LPT/TO220FM/TO3PF/TO247
R6035KNx 35 0.095 74 TO3PF/TO247
☆ R6047KNx 47 0.07 97 TO247
R6076KNx 76 0.04 174 TO247

* The end character “x” of the part numbers is replaced
   with the alphabet representing the appropriate package type:
   D : CPT3 (D-Pak), J : LPT (D2-Pak), X : TO220FM, Z : TO3PF, Z1 : TO247, D3 : TO252
* ☆: Under development

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Power Supply Design Technical Materials Free Download

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