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Product Key Points

Full-SiC Power Modules: Continually Expanding Lineup

1200 V, 400/600 A Versions Added, With Even Lower Losses and Smaller Sizes

  • Rated at 600A
  • Full-SiC power module
  • IGBT module with equivalent current rating
  • Smaller peripheral passive component
  • Gate driver board

ROHM has developed new 1200 V, full-SiC power modules rated at 400 A and 600 A, “the BSM400D12P3G002” and “the BSM600D12P3G001”, for use in inverters and converters in power supplies for industrial equipment, power conditioners for solar power generation, and UPS products.

In March 2012, ROHM began mass production of the world's first full-SiC power module, with SiC used for all internal power semiconductor devices. Thereafter, the product lineup was extended to 1200 V, 300 A products, and the SiC power modules are being used in a wide range of fields. Through the development of a new package, the lineup of full-SiC power modules is extended to cover current ratings from 100 A to 600 A, which are the principal specifications of products in the IGBT module market. These power modules make possible dramatic increases in efficiency and reductions in size compared with general IGBT module applications with equivalent current ratings.

Improved Efficiency in High-Power Applications through Greatly Reduced Switching Losses

Through development of a new package incorporating an unique internal structure and optimizing the heat dissipation design, full-SiC power modules rated at 600 A were commercialized. As a result, it became possible to study to use full-SiC power modules in higher power applications such as large-capacity power supplies for industrial equipment. Compared with general IGBT modules with equivalent current ratings, the switching losses at Tj=150°C were reduced by 64%. (based on comparison of product data sheets of IGBT modules available on the market)


Peripheral Components Miniaturized through High-Frequency Operation

Loss simulations during PWM inverter drive indicated significant reductions in total losses over equivalent current-rated IGBT modules at the same switching frequency, reaching 30% at 5 kHz and 55% at 20 kHz. At 20 kHz, the size of the heat sink expected to be necessary can be reduced by some 88%. Moreover, higher frequency operation enables the use of smaller peripheral passive components, so that equipment can be made even more compact.


Full-SiC Power Module Lineup

Part No. Absolute Maximum Ratings Inductance
Package Thermistor Internal Circuit
Tj max
[AC 1min.]
BSM080D12P2C008 1200 -6
80 175 -40
2500 25 C type
- 20171017_graf_11
BSM120D12P2C005 120
BSM180D12P3C007 -4
BSM180D12P2E002 -6
180 13 E Type
BSM300D12P2E001 300
BSM400D12P3G002 -4
400 10 G Type
BSM600D12P3G001 600

* Chopper types are also offered.

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Power Supply Design Technical Materials Free Download

Power Supply Design Technical Materials Free Download

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