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Product Key Points

Free Web-Based Simulation Tool “ROHM Solution Simulator”

Power Devices and Driver ICs Verified Simultaneously, for Dramatic Reduction of Development Efforts and Time

  • Free of charge
  • Electronic circuit simulation tool that runs on website
  • Application circuit-level simulation
  • Dramatical reduction of efforts and time required for equipment development
  • SystemVision Cloud (SVC)
  • Solution circuits available
  • Incorporated into SVC environment
  • "Solution EVK" evaluation kit

A "ROHM Solution Simulator", a web-based simulation tool that enables simultaneous circuit-level verification of power devices, driver ICs, power supply ICs and the like in addition to device-unit verification, has been unveiled, together with solution circuits, on ROHM’s website.

About the ROHM Solution Simulator

Main points regarding the ROHM Solution Simulator are here summarized. For details, please refer to the press release and a dedicated website.

  • ・An electronic circuit simulation tool that runs on ROHM's official website
  • ・Upon registering with ROHM’s official website, a user can use the simulation tool free of charge. When used on the dedicated website, the necessary documents are also provided.
  • Application circuit-level simulations, including power devices, their driver ICs, power supply ICs, and the like, can be performed.
  • ・Through simultaneous verification at the application circuit level, it is possible to dramatically reduce efforts and time required for equipment development.
  • ・Mentor's "SystemVision Cloud" (SVC) simulation platform was used in development.
  • ・Simulation data of the ROHM Solution Simulator can be incorporated into the SVC environment, enabling verification using a system circuit that is closer to what will actually be used.
  • Solution circuits (currently 44 different models) are available for use in simulations, with more circuits to be added in future.
  • "Solution EVK" evaluation kits for circuits that are the same as solution circuits are also available, and will hereafter be steadily expanded.

Power Supply Design Technical Materials Free Download

Power Supply Design Technical Materials Free Download

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