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200 V Schottky Barrier Diodes:RBxx8BM200 / RBxx8NS200 : Replaces FRD in 200 V Applications, for Improved Efficiency, Space Savings


The RBxx8BM200 and RBxx8NS200 are new Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD) products that have an ultra-low IR (reverse current) and have achieved a 200 V high voltage. They expand the lineup of the 150 V RBxx8 series, adding eight new models. Their development was driven by the need for reduced losses (higher efficiencies) and smaller sizes in 200 V applications, and for improved reliability with respect to imperviousness to thermal runaway and the like.

Major applications include automotive systems such as powertrains (xEV and the like), industrial equipment inverters, and various power supplies.

Important Points Regarding the Ultra-low IR, 200 V Schottky Barrier Diodes RBxx8BM200/RBxx8NS200

Point 1 The 200 V version of the high temperature-resistant 150 V RBxx8 series has an excellent track record even in automotive use.
Point 2 The 200 V high-voltage models reduce IR by about 90% compared with conventional models.
Point 3 An ultra-low IR is maintained even at high temperatures, so that there are no concerns with thermal runaway, which is an issue for SBDs.
Point 4 These devices can substitute for 200 V fast recovery diodes (FRDs), to cut losses by lowering the VF (forward voltage) by about 11%.
Point 5 Through reduction of VF heat generation is also decreased, a one size smaller package can be used, and footprint is reduced by approx. 71%

Reduced SBD IR to Greatly Improve Temperature Characteristics

In power supplies and automotive equipment that are used in high-temperature environments, there are mounting demands to replace rectifying diodes and FRDs with SBDs, which have lower VF and loss values and therefore generate less heat. However, as the operating environment temperature of an SBD rises, there is a tendency for the IR to increase, leading to the possibility of thermal runaway.

The RBxx8 series are SBDs which have achieved ultra-low IR and satisfactory temperature characteristics by adopting a barrier metal optimized for high-temperature operation. The new RBxx8BM200/RBxx8NS200 products can be used at 200 V, and so can replace FRDs even in 200 V applications, and can be used without worries about thermal runaway while affording improved efficiency.

Replacing FRDs in 200 V Applications for Improved Efficiency

Through the realization of RBxx8BM200/RBxx8NS200 models capable of handling 200 V, it is possible to replace FRDs with SBDs in applications where 200 V capabilities are required. The RBxx8BM200/RBxx8NS200 can lower VF by about 11% compared with FRDs, and so can reduce losses and improve application efficiency.

By Reducing Heat Generation, a Smaller Package can be Adopted to Decrease the Footprint

Heat generation can be suppressed through a lower VF of the diode section, and so designs can utilize one size smaller packages than those for previous products.

Work is in progress to develop intermediate-power versions of the current TO-252 (DPAK) and TO-263S (D2PAK) packages. In future, it will be possible to replace 5.9 × 6.9 mm packages used for FRDs with smaller 2.5 × 4.7 mm packages, reducing the footprint by 71%.

Lineup of RBxx8BM200/RBxx8NS200 Models

At present, eight new 200 V models are being released. As a result, the RBxx8 series consists of a total of 212 products.

Part No. Package Absolute Max. Ratings Electrical Characteristics Automotive STD
VF Max.
IR Max.
RB088BM200 TO-252
200 5A
150 0.86 5 8 200
RB218BM200 10A
10 15
RB088NS200 TO-263S
5 8
RB218NS200 10A
10 15

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Downloadable materials, including lecture materials from ROHM-sponsored seminars and a selection guide for DC-DC converters, are now available.

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Downloadable materials, including lecture materials from ROHM-sponsored seminars and a selection guide for DC-DC converters, are now available.

Product Key Points