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Si Power Device


Evaluation of PMDE Compact and Highly Heat Dissipating Package for Si Diodes: Summary

Compared with the previous PMDU package, the PMDE package has larger back electrodes even with the f...

Si Power Device


Lineup of SBD Products with PMDE Package

Examples of SBDs adopting the PMDE package are presented. The products used in these mounting evalua...

Si Power Device


Selecting Critical Components: Output Rectifying Diode

In this article, we calculate the component values of the diode used for DC rectification of the swi...

Si Power Device


Selecting Critical Components: VCC-Related Components of Power Supply ICs

In this article, we determine component values related to the VCC pin of the power supply IC used in...

Si Power Device



This concludes the basic edition of Si power devices. As Si-based power devices, we have explained t...

Si Power Device


Continuous Current Mode PFC:Examples of Efficiency Improvement Using Diode

In succession to the boundary current mode PFC example of the previous article, this time we present...

Si Power Device


Boundary Current Mode PFC:Examples of Efficiency Improvement Using Diodes

In actual application circuits, diodes and transistors must be used selectively according to differe...

Si Power Device


What is PFC?

From this article onward, we explain the differences and selective use of diodes and transistors in ...

Si Power Device


The New R60xxMNx Series Lineup of PrestoMOSTM with Industry-Fastest trr : Cutting the ON-resistance and Qg to Lower Power Consumption Even Further

.tbl_wrap th, .tbl_wrap td { font-size: 11px !important; } ROHM has added a new lineup, the ...

Si Power Device


What are SiC Schottky barrier diodes? - Forward Voltages of SiC SBD and Si PND

In the previous section, we compared the reverse recovery characteristics of SiC SBD and Si PND. Nex...

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