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Key Words : Package mounting strength

Si Power Device


Evaluation of PMDE Compact and Highly Heat Dissipating Package for Si Diodes: Summary

Compared with the previous PMDU package, the PMDE package has larger back electrodes even with the f...

Si Power Device


Lineup of SBD Products with PMDE Package

Examples of SBDs adopting the PMDE package are presented. The products used in these mounting evalua...

Si Power Device


Heat Dissipation Performance of PMDE Package (Simulations)

Simulations were used to compare the heat dissipation performances of the PMDE and PMDU packages. Th...

Si Power Device


Evaluation of PMDE Package in Actual Equipment

The BD81A44EFV-M automotive LED driver and its evaluation board were used in comparison and evaluati...

Si Power Device


Outer Shapes and Inner Structures of PMDE Package

PMDE and PMDU Packages: Comparison of Outer Shapes Below, the outer shapes of the PMDE and PMDU pack...

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