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Key Words : Reverse current

Si Power Device


3rd Generation SiC Schottky Barrier Diode:SCS3 Series : Improved Efficiency and Safety Margins in Equipment Designed for High Reliability

-Before turning to the subject in question, we had first asked about quite a lot of basic matters, b...

Si Power Device


What are SiC Schottky barrier diodes? - Advantages of using SiC-SBDs

We have compared the characteristics of SiC-SBDs with those of Si diodes, and have described product...

Si Power Device


What are SiC Schottky barrier diodes? - Evolution of SiC-SBDs

Up to this point, we have explained the characteristics of SiC-SBDs, for reference in comparison wit...

Si Power Device


What are diodes? - Characteristics of Si Fast Recovery Diodes

This is our third section on Si diodes. This time we will explain the characteristics of fast recove...

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