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SiC Power Device


About IGBTs

About IGBTs "IGBT" is an acronym of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor. As a hybrid of MOSFETs and bi...

SiC Power Device


Support Tools: Full SiC Module Loss Simulator

In this article, we introduce support tools for design and evaluation using full-SiC modules. Full-S...

SiC Power Device



This final section ends by summarizing the key points of the physical properties of SiC, SiC-SBDs (S...

SiC Power Device


Tips for Practical Use: The Effects of Specialized Gate Drivers and Snubber Modules

In this article, as important points in utilizing full-SiC modules, in addition to the snubber capac...

SiC Power Device


Tips for Practical Use: Snubber Capacitors

In this article, we explain snubber capacitors used with full-SiC power modules. Snubber capacitors ...

SiC Power Device


Tips for Practical Use: Gate Driving--Part 2

In the previous article, as a matter for study relating to gate driving of full-SiC modules, we expl...

SiC Power Device


Tips for Practical Use: Gate Driving--Part 1

From here, we examine how to make full use of the superior performance of full-SiC power modules. Th...

SiC Power Device


Switching Losses in Full-SiC Power Modules

A full-SiC power module offers performance deriving from SiC that is superior to that of conventiona...

SiC Power Device


What are Full-SiC Power Modules?

We begin a new chapter. In succession to a summary of SiC and discussions of SiC SBDs (Schottky Barr...

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