About IGBT IPMs (Intelligent Power Modules)Examples of Actual IGBT IPMs: Summary of Specifications and Functions


Points of this article

・Actual IGBT IPMs are summarized, taking as examples ROHM's BM6437x series of third-generation IGBT IPMs.

・The basic specifications of an IGBT IPM can be confirmed from the general description, features, block diagram, and the like that appear on the data sheet.

The following have thus far been explained as the basics of IGBT IPMs.

Starting with this article, the specifications, functions, and other matters pertaining to actual IGBT IPMs are explained, divided into a number of topics. As examples of IGBT IPMs, we use the ROHM BM6437x series of third-generation IGBT IPMs.

Examples of Actual IGBT IPMs: Summary of Specifications and Functions

As a summary of the BM6437x series, the possible uses, series lineup, functions and features, and differences with previous products are explained. The photo on the right shows the appearance of BM6437x series products.

As explained in “Advantages of IGBT IPMs“, the specs for IGBT IPMs are determined on the assumption of major applications and uses in same, and so ordinarily they are used by selecting the product with specifications matching the application. Hence the starting point of application design is a thorough understanding of specifications and features based on the data sheet and other materials.

Applications of the BM6437x Series

The specifications of the BM6437x series were set mainly in anticipation of the following applications.

  • ・Inverters for control of AC 100 to 240 Vrms (DC 400 V or less) motors
  • ・Inverters for control of motors in household appliances (air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators)

In essence, the new series is intended for use in inverters for motor control, but the series lineup will be used selectively according to the amount of power handled.

Lineup of the BM6437x Series

The lineup of the BM6437x series is as follows, differentiated by functions and ratings.

Part No. Rating Added functions
BM64374S-VA 15 A / 600 V With temperature output function, overtemperature protection function
BM64375S-VA 20 A / 600 V
BM64377S-VA 30 A / 600 V
BM64378S-VA 35 A / 600 V

Each part number has a link for easy access to the data sheet and other product information.

Summaries of Functions and Features of the BM6437x Series

Below are listed the functions and features of the BM6437x series, together with a block diagram. Function blocks within a module include a high side gate driver, a low side gate driver, three IGBTs on each side in a 3-phase configuration, and bootstrap diodes on the high side; and each gate driver includes a driving circuit and a protection circuit.

  • ■3-phase DC-AC IGBT inverter
  • ■600 V/15 A, 20 A, 30 A, 35 A
  • ■Low side IGBT open emitter
  • ■Built-in bootstrap diodes
  • ■High side IGBT gate driver (HVIC)
    ̵̵ SOI(Silicon On Insulator)process
    ̵̵ Driving circuit
    ̵̵ High-voltage level shifting
    ̵̵ Current limit for bootstrap diodes
    ̵̵ Control power supply undervoltage lockout(UVLO)
  • ■Low side IGBT gate driver(LVIC)
    ̵̵ Driving circuit
    ̵̵ Short circuit current protection(SCP)
    ̵̵ Control power supply undervoltage lockout(UVLO)
    ̵̵ Thermal shutdown(TSD)※BM6337xS-xx only
    ̵̵ Analog temperature output(VOT)
  • ■Fault output signal(LVIC)
    ̵̵ Corresponding to SCP, TSD, and UVLO for low side IGBTs
  • ■Input interface supports 3.3 V/5 V
  • ■UL recognized: UL1557 File E468261

Differences Between Previous-Generation Products and the BM6437x Series

The BM6437x series are ROHM’s 3rd-generation IGBT IPM products. For reference, the major differences with the earlier 2nd-generation products are listed below. These differences include addition and aggregation of specifications and functions, changes in precision, and other improvements.

Specifications & functions 2nd generation IGBT IPM 3rd generation IGBT IPM
Current lineup Low speed switching products 10 A / 15 A 15 A / 20 A / 30 A / 35 A
High speed switching products 10 A / 15 A / 3 A
Temperature monitoring precision VOT=2.77±0.14 V (LVIC temperature=90℃), equivalent to ±6℃ VOT=2.77±0.05V (LVIC temperature=90℃)equivalent to ±2℃
Overtemperature protection function TSD products or VOT products TSD & VOT products
Protection function factor identification No
(min. FO signal output time
SCP: min 20 µs
UVLO: min 20 µs
TSD: min 20 µs)
(min. FO signal output time
SCP: min 45 µs
UVLO: min 90 µs
TSD: min 180 µs)
IGBT (low-side) off interval extension function (Fault pulse tuning) No Yes
Product identification function No Yes
(when HVCC not on, identified from HINU-GND, HINV-GND, HINW-GND impedance)
Short circuit current protection trip voltage 0.48 V ±0.025 V (VOT products) 0.48 V ±0.025 V
0.48 V ±0.05 V (TSD products)

※VOT:Temperature output, TSD:Thermal shutdown, SCP:Short circuit current protection, UVLO:Control power supply undervoltage lockout, see other block diagrams

Information on Downloading Technical Documents

Downloadable materials, including lecture materials from ROHM-sponsored seminars and a selection guide for DC-DC converters, are now available.