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2015.12.17 AC/DC

Want are Isolated Flyhback Convertors?

Design Method of PWM AC/DC Flyback Converters

Before proceeding with the design process, we need to confirm the fundamentals of the isolated flyback converter.

As shown in the following outline, we will discuss switching AC/DC conversions, the characteristics of a flyback converter, its operation and snubber, and continuous and discontinuous modes. A solid understanding of these concepts is a prerequisite for the design process.

<Design Method of PWM Type AC/DC Flyback Converters>

  • 1. Isolated Flyback Converter Basics
    • Switching AC/DC Conversion
    • Flyback converter: Characteristics
    • Flyback converter: Operation and Snubber
    • Continuous & Discontinuous Modes
  • 2. Design Procedure
  • 3. Determining Power Supply Specifications
  • 4. Choosing an IC for Design
  • 5. Designing Isolated Flyback Converter Circuits
    • Transformer Design (Calculating numerical values)
    • Transformer Design (Structural design) - 1
    • Transformer Design (Structural design) - 2
    • Selecting Critical Components – MOSFET related - 1
    • Selecting Critical Components – MOSFET related - 2
    • Selecting Critical Components – CIN and Snubber
    • Selecting Critical Components – Output Rectifier and Cout
    • Selecting Critical Components – IC VCC related
    • Selecting Critical Components – Setting up an IC, and Miscellaneous
    • Addressing EM and Output Noise
  • 6. Example Board Layout
  • 7. Summary
Design Example for PWM Flyback Converter

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