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2019.05.23 AC/DC

PCB Layout Example

Design Example of Isolated Quasi-Resonant Converters Using SiC MOSFET

The previous article completed our discussion of component selection, and so in this article we present the PCB layout examples we have explained thus far.

PCB Layout Example for an Isolated Quasi-Resonant Converter Using a SiC MOSFET

Below is shown an example of a PCB layout that uses a through-hole package SiC MOSFET, the SCT2H12NZ. A double-sided board is used. This is a view of the lead component surface.

Below is a photo of an actual board. The SiC MOSFET is mounted in the position shown together with a heat sink.

This is the surface-mount component surface.

The rules for PCB layout are essentially unchanged when using a SiC MOSFET, or in the case of a quasi-resonant converter. Layout rules are explained here and should be consulted. This board is sold as an evaluation board. An evaluation board is useful when there is a need to make a quick evaluation or to try running a circuit.

Key Points:

・PCB layout rules are essentially the same even when using a SiC MOSFET or in the case of a quasi-resonant converter.

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