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2019.06.06 AC/DC

Example Circuit and Component List

Design Example of Isolated Quasi-Resonant Converters Using SiC MOSFET

Up to this point, important points when selecting components for example circuits, calculation of component values, and PCB layout examples have been described. Here we confirm the efficiency and waveform of the circuit last presented as an example and evaluate the circuit. In this article we display the overall circuit and list all the components.

The components described in the component list are examples of components used in the circuit. Optimization for the application and the operating conditions is necessary, and the components used will then differ somewhat, but this should be understood as a reference example.

In the next article, the results of measurements of waveforms and efficiency are presented.

Key Points:

・The example circuit is used to measure and examine efficiency.

・The circuit components described are merely one example, and there are other options.

Design Example for PWM Flyback Converter

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