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2015.12.06 AC/DC

Mass Production Design, Evaluation, and Shipment Inspection

Design Procedure for AC/DC Conversion Circuits (Overview)

When finished with the debugging and optimization processes, you move on to making decisions on mass production. At such a time, there may be cases where required specifications are not completely met. In such a case, a redesign may be required to satisfy the specifications that are essential, or trade-offs may need to be considered in order to achieve the overall goal by making compromises on some aspects of the design.

The design task should be executed according to the procedure and verification items described above. At any rate, the design process requires both a well-thought out plan and flexibility in implementing the plan to address unexpected situations on the fly.

Key Points:

・In the prototype evaluation process, problems may arise that cannot be predicted from the drawings, such as issues stemming from a layout.

・Operation margins must always be verified. A design lacking an adequate margin of error can lead to problems, such as reduced yields during mass production.

Basic of AC/DC Conversion

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