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2018.01.11 SiC Power Device

Trench-structure SiC-MOSFETs and Actual Products


This time, we will explain the latest third-generation SiC-MOSFETs, and provide information relating to SiC-MOSFETs that can currently be obtained.

SiC-MOSFETs with an Original Double-Trench Structure

SiC-MOSFETs continue to evolve, and ROHM is now mass-producing SiC-MOSFETs that adopt the world's first trench gate structure. These are ROHM's third-generation SiC-MOSFETs.

Trench structures are widely used in Si-MOSFETs, and the use of trench structures in SiC-MOSFETs had attracted attention due to the effectiveness in lowering the ON- resistance.

However, in general single-trench structures, the electric field is concentrated at the bottom of the gate trench, and so long-term reliability has been an issue. But in the double-trench structure developed by ROHM, a trench structure is provided in the source area as well, so that electric field concentration at the bottom of the gate trench is alleviated and long-term reliability is secured, making possible mass production.

SiC-MOSFETs that adopt this double-trench structure have ON-resistances reduced by about 50%, and input capacitance reduced by about 35%, compared with second-generation planar-type (DMOS structure) SiC-MOSFETs already in mass production.



Actual SiC-MOSFET Products

Below is a list of SiC-MOSFETs that can be provided. These include the SCT series and the SCH series; the SCH series incorporate a SiC Schottky barrier diode, to address the reverse recovery characteristic of the body diode, for greatly improved characteristics.


In the list, those products with a SCT3xxx part number are third-generation trench-structure SiC MOSFETs.


Key Points:

・ROHM has achieved mass production of SiC-MOSFETs that adopt an original double-trench structure.

・Trench-structure SiC-MOSFETs have an ON-resistance lower by about 50%, and an input capacitance lower by about 35%, compared with DMOS-structure products.

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