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2018.05.10 SiC Power Device

What are Full-SiC Power Modules?

Full-SiC Power Modules

We begin a new chapter. In succession to a summary of SiC and discussions of SiC SBDs (Schottky Barrier Diodes) and SiC MOSFETs, we here address "full-SiC power modules", which are constituted entirely from SiC power devices. In this initial section, we will consider the actual nature of full-SiC power modules, and will indicate to the reader the different types of power modules. In what follows we will explain in order the features and performance, application examples, and methods for using such modules.

What are Full-SiC Power Modules?

ROHM has begun the world's first mass production of full-SiC power modules, which use the company's own SiC MOSFETs and SiC SBDs. Compared with conventional Si IGBT power modules, these products are capable of faster switching and dramatically lower losses. The reader will grasp this immediately from the explanations of the features and performance of SiC SBDs and SiC MOSFETs in the previous chapters.


The SiC power modules currently being manufactured by ROHM are 2-in-1 type modules, including half-bridge type and step-up chopper type products.

The product lineup also includes products equipped with NTC thermistors.

Below, the current lineup of models and their principal specifications are summarized. The product lineup features 1200 V and 80 to 600 A ratings; two of these products, the 400 A and 600 A models, were developed not too long ago. This expanded lineup covers the main range of current ratings, 100 A to 600 A, of the IGBT module market.


※Specifications have not been finalized for some models. Should detailed specification information be needed, please check here.

The Rapid Evolution of Full-SiC Power Modules

The latest third-generation trench-structure SiC MOSFETs are used in the most advanced full-SiC power modules, to further reduce losses. An example is presented below.


In the next section, we will explain in detail the features and advantages of full-SiC power modules.

Key Points:

・Full-SiC power modules are configured using SiC MOSFETs and SiC SBDs developed and manufactured by ROHM.

・Faster switching and greatly reduced losses can be achieved compared with Si IGBT power modules.

・Full-SiC power modules continue to evolve, adopting the most advanced third-generation SiC MOSFETs.

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