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Characteristics of Brushed DC Motors

Up until the previous article, we had explained the principles of brushed DC motors. Here we describ...


Principle of Motor Rotation

From here, we begin a discussion of motor basics focusing on the principle of operation. About Curre...


Power Generation Principle of Motors

In the previous article, the principle of motor rotation was explained. Here, the principle of power...


Short Braking

In succession to the principle of rotation and the principle of power generation of a brushed DC mot...


Power Generation Principle

In succession to the previous article on the principle of motor rotation, here the principle of powe...


Principle of Rotation

In this second article on brushed motors, following the explanation of motor construction in the pre...


Construction of Brushed Motors

From this article, we explain the constructions, principles of operation, and driving methods of var...


Motor Notes : Features and Selective Use of Sensored and Sensorless Driving of Brushless Motors

All around us there are a multitude of motors being used. Innumerable motors are active in places wh...


Motor Notes : The Role of Brushless Motor Position Sensors and Notes on Their Placement

In this article we will be discussing the role of position sensors and their placement, as aspects r...


Motor Notes : Evolution and Kinds of Motors

Nikola Tesla is said to have invented the alternating current (AC) motor in 1888. Since that time, m...

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