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2021.06.09 Simulation


Optimization of PFC Circuits

Many "Solution Circuits" are provided in advance in the web-based simulation tool "ROHM Solution Simulator", which can be utilized simply by registering on MyROHM. Solution Circuits currently exist in two categories, "Power Device Solution Circuits" and "ICs Solution Circuit"; they are mainly application circuits that are widely used. Through the use of these Solution Circuits, the operation of a circuit design can be rapidly verified and optimized.

In this section, a PFC circuit, which is a Power Device Solution circuit, is used to explain the basic method for adjusting different parameters and relevant knowhow.
Simulations and methods of resolution are presented for the following themes, which are likely to become issues when designing PFC circuits. This information should be useful when optimizing and verifying the operation of a PFC circuit.

  • ・Inductance adjustment
  • ・Switching frequency adjustment
  • ・Determination of appropriate gate driving voltage
  • ・Modification of gate resistance
  • ・Determination of optimum dead time value

The "User Guide: PFCs" on which this article is based can be downloaded from the following link.

Key Points:

・The ROHM Solution Simulatoris a web-based simulation tool that can be used simply by registering on MyROHM.

・Solution Circuits for simulation of circuit operation are provided in the ROHM Solution Simulator.

・Solution Circuits currently exist in two categories, Power Device Solution Circuits and ICsSolution Circuit.

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