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2021.11.10 Simulation

How to Access the ROHM Solution Simulator

About the ROHM Solution Simulator

The method used to access the ROHM Solution Simulator is here explained. To quickly reference the method of operation and other information, the "Hands-On User’s Manual(PDF)" should be consulted.

How to Access the ROHM Solution Simulator

The ROHM Solution Simulator is a simulator that runs on the ROHM website. Hence there is no need to install a simulator program or the like on a PC or other local terminal; the ROHM Solution Simulator can be used in any environment connected to the internet.

The method used to access the ROHM Solution Simulator is as follows.

①Register with MyROHM on the ROHM website (see Fig. 1)

*Not required if you have already registered

*If you are not logged in upon startup of the simulation program, you will be asked to log in

②Access the Solution Circuits via one of the following three paths (see Figs. 1, 2)

②-1: From the "Technical Support" pulldown menu

Technical Support>Design Support>Simulation/Calculation Tools>ROHM Solution Simulator

②-2: From the " ROHM Solution Simulator " headline on the top page

②-3: From the "Tools" section on the product page

Fig. 1. ① Register with MyROHM, then use either ②‐1 Technical Support, or ②-2 ROHM Solution Simulator headline

Fig. 2. ②-3 Access from the product page
●Example: Perform a search to visit the product page for "SCT3080KL" and scroll down to the "Tools" section. You can see a list of Solution Circuits that use the SCT3080KL; upon clicking on a Solution Circuit, the ROHM Solution Simulator is started.

Upon using either ②‐1: Technical Support or ②-2: ROHM Solution Simulator headline for access, the ROHM Solution Simulator page appears (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3. ROHM Solution Simulator page

On this page, a hands-on manual and various other documents, explanatory videos, and all the Solution Circuits can be accessed.

As indicated in Fig. 3, there are two categories of Solution Circuits: Power Device Solution Circuits, and ICs Solution Circuits. Below these are subcategories according to applications and ICs used. When a new Solution Circuit has been added, "NEW" appears at the beginning of the subcategory.

For example, on clicking "AC-DC PFC" in the Power Device Solution Circuit subcategory, a list of Solution Circuits is displayed by the type of PFC, such as "Boundary Current Mode (BCM)" and "Continuous Current Mode (CCM)".

Upon clicking the "Schematic Information" icon, the circuit and component information are displayed (PDF).

Upon clicking on "Simulation", the ROHM Solution Simulator is started, and a simulation screen appears.

Fig. 4. Opening screen of the AC-DC PFC Power Device Solution Circuits

Similarly, ICs Solution Circuits are selected based on the IC functions and the part number.

When accessing from ②-1: Technical Support or from ②-2: ROHM Solution Simulator headline, ICs Solution Circuit can be selected from the ROHM Solution Simulator page.

When accessing from ②-3: product page, as explained above, Solution Circuits related to the product can be accessed directly, which is convenient when you have already have tentatively selected a power device or IC to be used. However, if Solution Circuits are not showed in the Tools section, Solution Circuits for the product in question are not yet available. In this case, the methods of ②-1 or ②-2 should be used to search from a list of Solution Circuits.

Key Points:

・Simply by registering with MyROHM, the ROHM Solution Simulator can be used in any internet-connected environment, without the need to install a program on a PC or local terminal.

・Various Solution Circuits are made available on the ROHM Solution Simulator pages, classified by application and by IC function and part number.

・From product pages, Solution Circuits related to the product can be accessed directly.

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