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2021.06.09 Simulation

PFC Simulation Circuits Using Solution Circuits

Optimization of PFC Circuits

PFC Simulation Circuits Using Solution Circuits

We begin with simple explanations of the ROHM Solution Simulator and the method for accessing Power Device Solution Circuits. The page for entry to the ROHM Solution Simulator is here. The same page appears when, on the top-level page of the ROHM website, "Technical Support"/"Design Support"/"Simulation/Calculation Tools" and then "ROHM Solution Simulator" are clicked. From this page, all of the Solution Circuits can be accessed.

On the ROHM Solution Simulator page are links to the "Hands-on User's Manual" and to a ROHM Solution Simulator "White Paper"; these should be consulted for the method of use and for function details.

On the ROHM Solution Simulator page there is also a list of Solution Circuits for use in circuit simulations. At present there are two Solution Circuit categories: Power Device Solution Circuits and ICs Solution Circuits (Fig. 1).

Fig 1: List of Solution Circuits (captured image of web page)

When "AC-DC PFC" in Power Device Solution Circuits is clicked, a list of PFC simulation circuits is displayed (Fig. 2). In PFC simulation circuits, a widely-used boundary current mode (BCM), continuous current mode (CCM), and discontinuous current mode (DCM), which are operation modes, and a high-power 3-phase PFC circuit are employed. Moreover, basic single driving to interleaved driving, synchronous rectification, bridgeless circuits, totem-pole circuits, and various other circuits are included; at present 19 types of simulation circuits are provided.

Fig 2: List of PFC Simulation Circuits Using Power Device Solution Circuits
(captured image of web page)

To backtrack a bit, simulation circuits can also be accessed from the product pages of each of the devices (for those devices with simulation circuits). In the PFC circuits used as examples in this section, the SCT2450KE (an SiC MOSFET: 1200 V/10 A) and the SCS302AH (an SiC SBD: 650 V/2 A) are used as power devices. Upon clicking on the "Models and tools" tab on each product page, a list of the models and tools that can be used appears. When products being considered for use are known, this method can also be used to access simulation circuits.

Registration on MyROHM is necessary to use the ROHM Solution Simulator. A registered user should login and then click on the simulation circuit to be used. If the user is not logged in, login will subsequently be required. Upon registering on MyROHM, in addition to use of the ROHM Solution Simulator, users can also receive a mail magazine, save parametric search settings, and utilize inquiry functions. Please be sure to register.

Hereafter, examples will be presented in which simulation circuits are used, modifying parameters and the like to optimize the circuit. Basic operation methods are here omitted, but persons using the ROHM Solution Simulator for the first time are urged to consult the "Hands-on User's Manual" and try running the simulator. It's easy to operate.

Key Points:

・The ROHM Solution Simulator web page features various information relating to simulations, and different simulations can be run.

・When a product is being considered for use, upon going to the product page, a simulation circuit that can be used immediately can be accessed.

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